Cigar Smart Selection, the newly upgraded Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box takes cigar maintenance further

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Cigars that symbolize nobility and luxury are favored by cigar smokers. However, enjoying the flavor and aroma of cigars is not easy.After all, cigars need to be kept within a specific temperature and humidity range at every stage from production to storage.


Generally, after cigars are produced, their storage temperature should be kept between 20-25°C. High temperatures will cause the cigars to taste bitter, while low temperatures will cause the cigars to burn unevenly.


In addition, humidity is also an important factor affecting the quality of cigars. Generally, The humidity of cigars is controlled at around 65% to 72%. In order to maintain the flavor of cigars, cigars must maintain the same moisture content during storage. Otherwise, they will burn too hot or burn unevenly, thus destroying the smoke of the cigar. , aroma and taste.


For example, if the humidity is too high, the cigar will emit more smoke. The thick smoke will not only stick to your clothes more strongly, but it will also overload your sense of smell and weaken your ability to enjoy the cigar.Of course, if the cigar is too dry, the essential oils in the cigar will evaporate, weakening the aroma, and even releasing a spicy, bitter taste during the combustion process.


Therefore, in order to ensure proper combustion, cigars need to be stored in a specific temperature and humidity environment. At this moment, it is particularly important to choose a good storage device for cigars.


Today I would like to share with you a newly upgraded Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box from MICROGARDE. It is compact and portable in overall design, and can store 30 cigars. It also comes with a humidifier pack, cedar chips, hygrometer, cigar cutter, etc. to help further cigar maintenance. , is a wise choice for customers.


Simple appearance design

The overall design of the MICROGARDE cigar Humidifier Box is simple and classic. It is made of highly transparent materials. The box body is transparent and has a high refractive index. When exposed to light, you can see colorful visual effects, showing a high-end and elegant feel.


Time scale dial

Of course, the time scale dial design on the lid improves the quality of the cigar box by several levels and greatly improves the overall appearance. The sliding digital scale allows you to select the time, allowing you to remember the storage time more clearly.


Sealing performance is very good

As we all know, the sealing of the Humidifier Box is crucial to the humidity of the cigar. Only by choosing a Humidifier Box with good sealing performance can the cigars not be disturbed by the outside world, thus ensuring that the humidity in the box can be balanced.


The sealing performance of this cigar Humidifier Box is very good. The four sides of the box are locked and equipped with multi-layer high-elastic silicone sealing rings, which has better sealing performance than ordinary wooden boxes.


Two-way precise humidity control

Of course, in order to better ensure that the cigars can be stored in a specific humidity environment. This MICROGARDE cigar Humidifier Box is specially equipped with 2 packs of 75g moisturizing packs. It can achieve two-way precise humidity control, ensuring that the box is kept within the same humidity range, so that the cigars have better moisturizing effects and better mellow the flavor of the cigars.


Precision hygrometer

Generally, a high-end cigar Humidifier Box naturally contains a hygrometer. It can accurately detect the temperature and humidity in the box to ensure that the cigars are stored within the appropriate humidity range. This is very important for maintaining the taste and quality of the cigars.


This cigar Humidifier Box has a built-in accurate hygrometer, which can better observe the humidity of the cigars in the box and ensure whether the moisturizing pack is still effective. It can be said to serve multiple purposes.


Cigar sawdust blessing

In addition, in order to make the cigar taste more delicate and mellow, the MICROGARDE cigar Humidifier Box is specially equipped with cedar wood chips. During the fermentation process, it will better blend the strong flavor of the cigar, reduce the odor, and preserve the unique flavor of the cigar.


In general, the MICROGARDE cigar Humidifier Box is particularly suitable for aging cigars. Hurry up and configure a high-end Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box to keep your cigars fresh and tasting, and enhance your cigar experience.